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Political Skill at Work:

How to Influence, Motivate, and Win Support

Organizational politics are an inescapable part of life. Rather than fearing the often turbulent waters associated with politics at work, the politically skilled are masters of their environment and leverage that control to achieve success. Decades of research have demonstrated that political skill is one of the best predictors of career success, promotions, pay, and even well-being. We distilled all of the research and findings on political skill into an accessible and engaging book that will get you influencing, motivating, and winning the support of your bosses, colleagues, and followers. 


Based on extensive empirical research, Political Skill at Work provides substantive, practical advice for people to assess their political skill, develop it further, and use it effectively. Because organizational politics is, as the authors note, ubiquitous and important, everyone should consume the valuable information this book provides. 

 -Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor in the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University and author of Power: Why Some People Have It - and Other's Don't. 

So, you think office politics is about self-interest and dirty tricks? Think again. Political skill can lead to positive outcomes for you and your organization, such as improving your job performance, influence, reputation, and career prospects. Don’t complain when others play politics. Become a master politician yourself. This new edition of Political Skill at Work uses fascinating examples and robust evidence to make the case.  Want to start playing the politics game? You already are.

-David A. Buchanan, Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Cranfield University School of Management

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