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Social Influence Opportunity Recognition

Journal of Management


A theoretical rationale explaining how people identify patterns in their social environment in an effort to recognize, evaluate, and capitalize upon opportunities. We present a model depicting how political skill can facilitate many of the positive outcomes (e.g., higher salary, more promotions) associated with those individuals possessing high political skill.

Leaders & Followers

Behaving Badly

Personnel Psychology


A meta-analysis examining curvilinear relationships between destructive leadership and followers' workplace behaviors. Although most of these relationships are primarily linear in that an increase in negative leader behavior leads to an increase in negative follower behavior, some relationships are actually curvilinear - especially at high and low levels of destructive leadership. This makes intuitive sense as followers, who may respond to destructive leadership behaviors with deviant behaviors, likely will cease doing so as their leaders' behaviors continue to escalate. 

Subordinate Affect and Leader Evaluations

Journal of Applied Psychology


Is it leadership or likership? Many leadership authorities would argue that leaders do not need to be liked, they just need to lead their subordinates effectively and treat them fairly. We question that assumption by focusing on the recent proliferation of leadership constructs and measures to demonstrate that the degree to which subordinates have positive or negative feelings about their supervisors underlies much of how those followers rate their leaders' performance.

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"A great flame follows a little spark" - Dante

My teaching style is predicated on developing positive relationships with each of my students. Through a blend of personal attention and encouragement, I try to establish a classroom environment that welcomes discussion and debate.

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"His kindness and genuine love for academics and us students is apparent and infectious."

"This has been one of, if not the most, rewarding classes I have taken in my collegiate career."

"I learned so much throughout this semester and I feel like I’m leaving a better version of myself because of this class."

"You make that classroom so warm and inviting people feel comfortable enough to share. I think this is such an important thing because students can also learn so much from one another, but without that kind of environment, no one wants to raise their hands and share personal things about themselves."

About Me

"If one could run without getting tired, I don't think one would often want to do anything else."

                                            -C.S. Lewis

I received a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2005 and then served in the Army until 2012. During that time I was trained as a scout helicopter pilot (Kiowa Warrior), and commanded two companies both in and out of combat. Throughout my career in the Army I worked on my masters, eventually completing an M.A. in Humanities from American Military University. After departing the Army, I attended Florida State University where I earned my PhD in Business Administration.


I spend my spare time going on adventures with my wife and my son. We are avid adventurers and try to make the most of each day! I spend a good bit of free time training for and running ultramarathons. So far I have completed four races of at least 100 miles, to include the Fat Dog 120 and the Pinhoti 100. My favorite book is Inferno by Dante and my favorite author is Stephen King.

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