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"A great flame follows a little spark"


My teaching style is all about developing positive relationships with each of my students. Through a blend of personal attention and encouragement, I try to establish a classroom environment that encourages free thought, discussion, and debate. The goal of each course is not just to learn a little bit about management, but to learn how you can be the best version of yourself - because your future subordinates deserve nothing less than your absolute best. 

Courses Taught

Student comments

Business Meeting

Organizational Behavior

Leading with Character

Business Handshake


Student Evaluations

"His kindness and genuine love for academics and us students is apparent and infectious."

"I learned so much throughout this semester and I feel like I'm leaving a better version of myself because of this class."

"This has been one of, if not the most, rewarding classes I have taken in my collegiate career."

"You make that classroom so warm and inviting people feel comfortable enough to share. I think this is such an important thing because students can also learn so much from one another, but without that kind of environment, no one wants to raise their hands and share personal things about themselves."

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